December 2010

Simple Internet Marketing Tips for Artists

Here are a few simple web and Internet promotion tips that any artist can take advantage of regardless of technical knowledge or budget. We'll be exploring these and other tips in greater detail in the near future.

If you have a web site

  • If you have a web site with your own domain name use an email address with your domain name ( as well. Your hosting provider probably has a guide with the simple instructions to do this.
  • Create a signature file in your email client for use on your email messages with a clickable link to your web site (you'll need http:// at the beginning). You'll be surprised by how many people will click that link and visit your site.
  • Advance your Internet knowledge. Learn about tools and technologies that can make your Internet marketing efforts more effective. From email marketing to blogs to online news releases there are a variety of ways to promote yourself. Bookmark our blog and visit here often as we'll be providing you with lots of free information and links that will help further your Internet marketing knowledge.

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Multiple Disciplines Now Supported

Several folks have indicated to us that they work in more than one discipline, such as painting and photography. We certainly want you to be able to promote all of your artwork so we have changed the profile update tool (located at: My Account > Manage Profile > Edit > User Profile) to allow you to indicate multiple disciplines from the list.

If you find we're missing a discipline that you would like listed just add your comment below.


Social Media Branding for Artists - Part 1

George AielloWelcome to the first installment of our new blog series entitled, "Social Media Branding for Artists". I know, right off the bat, some might argue that "branding" isn't something that artists should do. But bear with me for a few more moments.

Why build a personal brand?

I found a pretty good answer to this question in Chris Brogan's blog "Develop a Strong Personal Brand". He writes:

The easiest answer is that you might want to be memorable, and you might want to transfer your real world reputation into the online world. A strong personal brand is a mix of reputation, trust, attention, and execution. You might want to build a brand around being helpful (what I hope my brand means to you), or being a creative thinker (Kathy Sierra, for instance) or being a dealmaker (Donald Trump), or being a showman (David Lee Roth), or whatever matters most to you, and also what you are capable of sustaining.

A personal brand gives you the ability to stand out in a sea of similar products. In essence, you’re marketing yourself as something different than the rest of the pack. Do you need this? I don’t know. Do you like to be mixed in with the pack?

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