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Defining The Three Screen Gallery

In the first installment of this series we introduced the Three Screen Gallery concept as the convergence of TV, web, and mobile to present your art work. Let's now define that a little further.

For many years people have forecast the eventual convergence of Web and TV. Most of those discussions centered on essentially having a browser available on your cable box. The experience would essentially be the same as using your computer. Not much new or exciting there and in fact, this type of use is rapidly becoming available. However, the Three Screens concept redefines the older Web-to-TV convergence to a new model. One that has great potential for artists of all kinds.

The three screens are your computer, television and mobile device. What's different now is that not only will people view your content on a platform based on where they are but the presentation itself will be automatically optimized and formatted to take advantage of the unique benefits and capabilities of each platform.

When working from their office or work place, people will likely access content on a PC or Mac with full web capabilities including advanced navigation and interactivity. When on the road they will use their mobile device but the navigation and format of the content will need to fit the particular device. Finally, when at home they will have the opportunity to view the content on their TV. Watching content on a TV differs significantly from the other two platforms for several reasons. 

  1. You may be viewing the content with other family members or friends
  2. Television formats differ from computer screens
  3. Television backgrounds should not be pure white
  4. Televisions are not great for viewing a page with a lot of text

So each "Gallery" in the Three Screen Gallery  have formatting and technical differences. This means that presentations need to work within the constraints of each "Gallery" type.

Here's where it can get pretty cool. Each of these "screens" or platforms should be able to use the same content. This means as the author you shoud not have to, for example, upload your images multiple times or re-size them for each device.  Services such as will be able to detect which type of platform is being used and automatically switch to a presentation best suited to that device or provide an easy navigation link to the optimized version. Viewers of your work will always see a presentation that has been specifically designed and formatted for the device it is being displayed on and whether it is a social environment like a family room. Your work will always look it's best and the opportunity to grow your audience and market will expand.

Stay tuned...

Over the coming weeks we will start discussing how you can use the same content from your SMArt Pageā„¢ to produce presentations specifically for the "The Three Screen Gallery".

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