Helping Artists Succeed In A Connected World

New Marketing Reality For Artists

Artists and gallery owners can reach a vast new audience through Social Media Marketing

No matter what stage your career is in you probably feel you could be more successful if only people could find out more about you and your work.  

Historically, this was a difficult and expensive undertaking requiring paid advertising, reviews in art publications, artist representatives, publicity agents, and for some, public relations firms. Fortunately, that has completely changed and is no longer the case. 

Now any artist can build their online audience following a few proven strategies.

Currently, two of the best ways is through blogging and participation in social networks. Together, these are commonly known as "Social Media Marketing" and it can have a profound impact on your art business. But first,  here are a few things about the "new consumer" to remember when just starting out a Social Media Marketing program of your own.

  • The goal is not direct selling but building relationships.
  • Your audience is already "out there" participating in various online communities. You just need to seek out those communities and participate.
  • The new consumer wants to feel they are a part of your life and you of theirs so discuss things other than your art work. For example, if you travel discuss your travels and experiences on communities with a like interest.
  • There are more social network platforms (Facebook, etc.) than you can handle. It is best to focus on one or two that work for you.

We'll be expanding on the list and providing tips and explanations in the coming weeks and months. We will also be offering webinars and web casts that will delve much deeper. Watch for announcements.