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Defining The Three Screen Gallery

In the first installment of this series we introduced the Three Screen Gallery concept as the convergence of TV, web, and mobile to present your art work. Let's now define that a little further.

For many years people have forecast the eventual convergence of Web and TV. Most of those discussions centered on essentially having a browser available on your cable box. The experience would essentially be the same as using your computer. Not much new or exciting there and in fact, this type of use is rapidly becoming available. However, the Three Screens concept redefines the older Web-to-TV convergence to a new model. One that has great potential for artists of all kinds.

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The Three Screen Gallery

Whether you are an emerging or established artist, gallery representation has probably been a goal of yours at some point in your career. It’s always been a challenge to get representation but in today’s economy with so many galleries closing or cutting back it’s becoming even more difficult. So, what’s an artist to do?

Let’s begin with another question. Why do you want to be represented by a gallery? The answer for most is exposure, i.e. having one’s artwork seen, and with that an increased potential for sales.  Of course, those sales usually come at a cost, typically 50% but I’m not saying that unfair. Galleries bring a unique value, have expenses, and need to make a profit, too. It’s just a reality of the business.

More importantly, do galleries still offer the artist their best chance of exposure and sales? As I write this I’d probably say no for exposure but yes to the sales question. But even that is changing or is about to in significant ways.  This is where we need to start looking toward the future and how we may bring our art to larger audiences in order to find our own “followers” and patrons.

That future could be called “The Three Screen Gallery”, and this new type of gallery can be all yours. But, what is it?

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What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like

Ben Parr writes a weekly column about social media trends on Mashable, a great site for those interested in social media. This week's column is titled: What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch and it's well worth reading.

I have been talking about how the future of the web will be changing in the very near future with just about anyone who would listen to me for some time. The article by Ben Parr sums it up about as well as I have seen in easy to understand, non-technical terms.

So, how does all this web future "stuff" apply to visual artists?

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Simple Internet Marketing Tips for Artists

Here are a few simple web and Internet promotion tips that any artist can take advantage of regardless of technical knowledge or budget. We'll be exploring these and other tips in greater detail in the near future.

If you have a web site

  • If you have a web site with your own domain name use an email address with your domain name ( as well. Your hosting provider probably has a guide with the simple instructions to do this.
  • Create a signature file in your email client for use on your email messages with a clickable link to your web site (you'll need http:// at the beginning). You'll be surprised by how many people will click that link and visit your site.
  • Advance your Internet knowledge. Learn about tools and technologies that can make your Internet marketing efforts more effective. From email marketing to blogs to online news releases there are a variety of ways to promote yourself. Bookmark our blog and visit here often as we'll be providing you with lots of free information and links that will help further your Internet marketing knowledge.

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A Short Introduction to Web Site Marketing

It's not enough to put up a web site and hope it will be magically found by customers and search engines. It won't be! Regrettably, too many artists do just that and end up losing out on the opportunities the Internet offers.

All businesses, small to large, benefit from some level of Internet marketing. Even personal web sites and MySpace pages need marketing to bring visitors in. Here is a short list of web site marketing tips.

Some items, like the Title and Meta-Description tags, require working on the code of the web page. If you cannot edit the page code yourself you may need to ask your web site provider or developer if they will take care of these items.

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